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  • About Us

    Welcome to Leader of the Pack, your go to team for all your doggy care needs! We're dedicated to giving you and your dog the very best through our training programs, dog walking service, free community events and more!

    Our goal is to help dogs achieve a more balanced, fulfilling and happy existence and provide humans the tools and knowledge to gain a better relationship with their pups! We proudly serve all over the KW area and are so thrilled to be an active part of the dog community! You can learn more about our services under our, "What We Do" section, we hope to meet you and your pooch soon!

    Your friendly neighbourhood dog whisperer,

    Lili Romeo
    CEO and Head Trainer
    Leader of the Pack Professional Dog Services
  • What We Do

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    Training Services

    Rather than strictly obedience training, our training philosophy is based out of an undestanding of dog psychology and body language to allow owners to create a stronger relationship with their dog. Through gaining a deeper understanding of your dog , it will provide you the tools and knowledge to manage common behavioural issues as well as hyperactivity, over-excitement, reactivity, anxiety and aggression. Below you can find a list of our training options to best suit you and your dog! All sessions are tailored to the needs and issues of the dog.

    Individual Session:

    In our individual sessions, we are able to cover specific behavioral issues you are experiencing with your dog or cover a specific training topic. Some example topics are how to achieve a calm loose leash walk, puppy basics, potty training, crate training, excessive barking, jumping up, recall, socialization etc.

    These sessions are offered at an hourly rate for 1 dog with an additional rate for a second dog. Each session is typically 2-3 hours depending on the severity of the issues and sessions are done in home.

    *Now offering virtual online sessions at 20% off of regular price!*

    Puppy Basics Session:

    For puppies under 12 weeks of age, we recommend starting with our Puppy Basics Session which covers potty training, basic obedience, leash training foundations, creating calm, crating and more!

    Balance Dog Program:

    Our Balance Dog Program is a 3 session curriculum which includes a 10% discount off the regular hourly rate. In this program we cover all you need to know about raising the perfect dog and how to manage and prevent problem behaviours. Some topics covers are mastering the walk, creating calm, adding structure, proper socialization and more! Recommended for puppies and/or dogs experiencing behavioral issues such as anxiety, reactivity, aggression, fear etc. *Puppies must be over 12 weeks of age for this program.*

    Each session is typically 2-3 hours depending on the severity of the issues and sessions are done in home.

    Master the Walk Session:

    Our "Master the Walk" session covers all you need to know about having a calm, relaxed loose leashed walk with your dog! In this session, we go over training tools, exercise needs, dog psychology basics, pre-walk prep, how to hold the leash, corrections and dog greetings on leash! This session is hourly, each session typically being roughly 2-3 hours.

    For rates and more information, please email us at liliromeo@leaderofthepackkw.com ! We look forward to working with you and your dog!

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    Pack Walks 

    Our pack walks are a great way for your dog to practise calm socialization in a pack environment all while working towards proper leash manners and giving them the physical exercise they need. They are wonderful for dogs looking to gain social skills and confidence around other dogs! Our pack walk are offered Monday - Friday in the KW area. They are held typically morning/early afternoon depending on weather.

    Afterward, we will send you a photo of your dog(s) on the walk so you can see how they did!

    *All new members must start off with a trial walk. This allows us to get to know your dog, see level of leash and social skills with the pack and ensure a smooth transition into the group! Contact us to book your dog for their first adventure!*

    For rates and more information, please email us at liliromeo@leaderofthepackkw.com ! We look forward to working with you and your dog! 

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    Community Pack Walks 

    Our community group walks are a great way to socialize your dog with other dog lovers in the community in a calm and safe manner in a structured and controlled environment!

     These are offered twice a week and all are welcome to join in! These walks are completely free but we do have a few rules and regulations to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our pack members. All walks and events are posted in our Facebook group; Leader of the Pack Dog Walking Club. Find us and request to join, hope to meet you and your dog soon! 

    And more! 

    Contact us for more information on our other services!
  • Profiles

    We've got a top notch team!

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    Lili Romeo

    Owner and Head Trainer

    At an early age, I knew I was going to pursue a career with dogs.  Dogs have always been a huge part of my life but my true passion for canines started with my childhood dog, a miniature poodle named Domino and from there my love for dogs only grew.  In 2017, I founded Leader of the Pack Professional Dog Services which has allowed me to successfully fulfill my dream of helping both dogs and their humans acheive a more balanced and harmonious relationship based out of a deep understanding of dog pyschology and behaviour. 

    Over the years, I've had the honour of training and working with numerous trainers all over North America such as Cesar Millan and Heather Beck to gaining more knowledge to further help our KW community!

    My pack of pups (Sadie, Lady and Georgie) and I are so grateful to be apart of such a wonderful region of passionate dog lovers and can't thank all of our family, friends, clients and community members enough for all their support!

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    Kate Taylor

    Head Pack Leader 
    I’m Kate.  I attended training at the Dog Psychology Centre with Lili in 2017.  Currently I work from home as a reflexologist (right now just for humans), so i enjoy the flexibility to join and help with the pack walks during the week!

    I have a 7 year old mixed breed rescue dog named Hammer who also attends the walks! While he can be shy and has been working on some social skills , there truly is nothing he enjoys more than a calm pack walk with his buddies. Except maybe treats! He loves snacks!
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    Lady, Georgie & Sadie 

    Exective Barketing Team 

    Meet the dogs behind LOTP:

    Sadie is a 10 year old Rottiweiler mix and the longest current member of the pack! She enjoys all things food and loves her daily outings on our pack walks!

    Lady is a 7 year old Husky mix and the party girl of the pack! When not on the look out for squirrels, she loves playing with our puppy clients and assisting in our training sessions!

    Georgie is a 12 year old Chihuahua mix and the newest member of the pack! Being a bit of a quiet old man he enjoys sunbathing, being under blankets and casual walks with his friends!

  • Testimonials

    Find out what humans have to say about us!

    The most helpful and gentle trainer. My dogs love her. Lili is able to provide amazing and up to date training to individuals and their dogs. I really appreciate Lili's way of teaching without shaming, there are so many mixed messages on canine training, but Lili is the perfect balance of discipline and affection. The highest of recommendations for Lili and her knowledge of training canine!
     -Jen S. 

    We are so grateful to have connected with Lili when we did. -- After only one two hour session with Lili, our walks have become so muhc more calm and controlled...less pulling and frustrating for everyone. We have a much better understanding of dog pyschology , thanks to Lili. She is very knowledgeable and articulate, and also gentle and patient with us and our pup. We couldn't be more happy with the training she provided.
    -Cynthia M.
                                                                                                                                      Lili has a way with dogs and people like i have never seen. She has taught me so much and helped me with my dog through the challenging phases of puppyhood.
    -Janice S.               

    My boy, Charlie and I had a 2 hour lesson today ...Lili showed me how to walk him properly and gave me tips on how to handle meeting other dogs on our walks. I'm not completely trained but our walk tonight was the best walk we've had in 4 years!! Lili is just amazing and really knows dogs and what they need from their owners, she's patient, knowledgeable, effective, gentle and really the best!!
    -Elizabeth B.

    I've heard everything i know today about how to create a balanced dog from Lili, she is so incrediby talented and devoted to helping dogs and their owners get through whatever struggles they're facing. Highly, highly recommend! 
    -Adrienne D.

    Lili is a wonderful trainer. When we first met her, my dog Ava had a lot of difficulty staying calm on walks and encountering other dogs. Lili taught us the dog pyschology behind what Ava was experiencing. Thanks to Lili's guidance, Ava is no longer dragging me around on walks and she has come along way in her encounters with other dogs. We could'nt have done it without Lili's help!
    -Kamil T.

    We couldn't be more happier to have Lili in our life! She helped us so much with training Maya! She is the most passionate dog leader we know! Thank you for organising walks and supporting us! Maya loves you so much!
    -Marta S.

  • "To teach calm, you must be calm." -Lili Romeo

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